Travel Request Process SmartStarter

  • 2 March 2016
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K2 SmartStarters provide  preconfigured apps to streamline your processes,  built to help you work smarter and get business done faster .


Automate your travel requests with an app that routes requests to the right people for review and approval, with the ability to send requests back to the originator for rework as needed.


In the Trave Expense Management SmartStarter, the request form, completed by an employee, captures the necessary details about the travel request, then starts a workflow that will route the request to the employee?s manager for approval. Once approved, the request will be routed to the Finance Department for review. If approved and the total amount is more than the configured value, the task will also be routed to the Finance Manager. Once reviewed, the originator will receive a final confirmation email with the final decision. Approvers also have the option to request for more information if they are unable to make an informed decision based on the details provided.




SmartStarters are created on standard K2 artifacts and available to you to use as is or modify. Please Note: SmartStarters are only available to users with a valid K2 Portal account (customers or partners).


Please Click "Download All Files" to accept the EULA and access the Travel Request Management SmartStarter download location and related documentation that explains how to set up and administer


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