How are you doing Application Lifecycle?

  • 1 October 2015
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I'm looking to develop some processes internally for managing K2 artifacts and wanted to get some feedback from those out there...


How are you doing ALM with K2?

So first deployment is easy... dev -> Package and Deploy -> Test -> Package and Deploy -> Prod...


Now say the dev team is onto phase 2. Development environment is changing.

1) Workflows are versioned

2) SmartForms are not "publically" versioned


First .. When Production has an issue, like a workflow not working or a form level bug (not a K2 level bug, but a logical error in configuration)... how does it get solved?


Are you deploying to a "production support" environment? Are you versioning in Development to work through the fix?


Second ... What happens when the data model is changing? Are you versioning smart objects and re-connecting workflows and forms to use the new version smart objects? Is there an easy way to do that?


I'd appreciate any dialog on this. Thanks.



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