Assign a user to a task that is already assigned

  • 7 August 2020
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Is it possible to add new recipients to  a workflow task that has already been assigned to others. We have a K2 Form where a user enters a list of names and email addresses. When the submit button is clicked a workflow task is assigned to the people defined in the list.


Sometimes the user realizes that they forgot to include a  required name/email address to the list before the workflow was submitted. We would like to add the name/email address after the workflow has already been submitted and ensure that the new recipient/s also gets the task notification. We would like to do this without using roles. 


Is there a smartobject method or another way of doing this.

1 reply

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Hi sjoseph,


Please have a look at the following posts to see if they can maybe help you with your problem.

I believe that the community post above is related to the same question that you have.



Kevin Zhou


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