attach Multiple files from Smartbox in Email activity in Workflow

  • 13 April 2020
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I am trying to create pdf(create pdf from url method, passing id to custom form for project details ) in workflow.  It will save automatically in K2 Smartbox.


Now I want to attach multiple PDF from smartbox in Email Activity same workflow based on ID's.


is any one having idea how to achive this?

2 replies

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Hi bhushanborole,


There is PDF File SmartObject under 'SystemControlsSave as PDF' category that can be used to get the PDF attachments back. I think the main thing is getting the pdf Id at an early step of the workflow, perhaps you can capture pdf Id after Create PDF from URL method. When the pdf Ids are obtained and stored in workflow variables, you can call multiple Load PDF methods to get the pdf files, it should look similar to this.



Hi bhushanborole


Please check out this: “attaching multiple attachments from a list view to an email”:,