Create reference using multivalue SmartObject property for looping in workflow

  • 29 April 2020
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Is it possible to create reference using a multivalue property to use in a loop?   If not,  is there a way I can count the number a entries in the property and save it to a variable?   Thank you.  



2 replies

Hello  @Chuckman ,


Use the Sum

You can use the Sum function in a workflow to get the total for a set of values. For example, you can reference the Get List method for a SmartObject to retrieve a list of records, and then use a property from the list to calculate the sum.  Below is a document with an example that calculates the sum of Sub Totals for invoices to arrive at a total outstanding amount , and then insert this total value into an email as part of a workflow. Find it here:


Set Variable

Use the Set Variables step to update process variables. You have the option of setting static values manually or setting dynamic values by using inline functions, SmartObject data, and context from the workflow.

You should only store the amount of data required for the workflow, such as using record IDs instead of storing all record data in fields. This helps minimize the amount of data that is stored on the server. You may also want to disable the audit log of variables in order to further minimize workflow size and server load. Find how to here:



Use fields and control values to build an expression on a control that performs an operation and returns a value. An expression can be a short expression that refers to a field, or a longer expression with complex logic and formatting based on fields or other items, such as control values or SmartObject data. Lok here on how to:


All the best

I have a multivalue property setup to store multiple text entries.    I studied each solution suggested, but I couldn't figure out how to use any of them to get a count of entries stored in this multivalue property.   Will you be able to elaborate on how I can have it accomplished.   Thank you.