Filter Sharepoint List based on date and send email for late tasks

How do I create a workflow such that it emails individuals for their late tasks?  How do I also create a workflow to email on upcoming tasks?  I tried a date filter but throws an error message:  Conversion failed when converting date and/or tiem to character string.

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Just off the top of my mind, you need to use a SmartObject to retrieve a list of records from your SharePoint list. You can sort and add filters to retrieve the records you need, then use a loop to send out emails for each record.


So you definitely need to use some sort of filter and sorting function. So the question now is, how did you configure your filter? Conversion error is pretty straightforward. Your conversion error occur because you are trying to convert a date time value to character string. That is not a valid conversion.



Thank you for the reply!  As I was exploring I figured out a little more detail to the error - I was using a javascript in the calculated fields to color code my task list.  This column of data was not converting properly no matter what data type I tried.  Any suggestions?  How do I ignore this column of data in smart objects?