How to get the last updated task comments when the task form is loading

  • 21 August 2020
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I have a workflow designed in K2 Studio. In this worflow task comments are saved in a SQL table which has  Comment ID, Form ID , Task Action , Comments, Action By and Actioned Date as fields.


There is a seperate view called Task Action  in the Form where the Comments are entered by the user. The user can Approve/Reject or Update a task. If the user clicks Update button , the task is not actioned but the Comments entered by the user are saved in the workflow task comments table in SQL.  


Now when the the user opens the task again to action the task , I need to show the last Updated comments in the Comments field of the task form.


Appreciate if anyone can guide me on how to achieve this.




1 reply

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Hi  @RanaK ,


If you have solved your issue, would you be willing to post your answer here for visibility to anyone else who might stumble across the same question? 

Otherwise if you are still stuck:


Have you taken a look at your form initiazlizing rules
You could edit the load time (initialize) rule of whatever form you are using to Transfer Data. The transfer data rule can be configured to take the latest entry in your table and put it in a text box or whatever control you wish to use to display the information in. That should do the trick! :) 

NOTE: This will only work if you are using SmartForms in your User Task. 

Hope this helps or that you have already found your solution!