Is it possible to make loop in a workflow behave like a while loop?

  • 4 May 2020
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Loops in a workflow as far as I understand steps though items in a list.   I like to use a loop to extract text from a delimited  string until all fields were processed.  Is it be possible to create a loop that would work like a while loop, so it stops when a logical expression is evalued to True?   I also welcome recommendations to do this in a different way.    Thank you. 



1 reply

Hello  @Chuckman ,


You can use the an advanced condition is true rule condition to execute an action if the condition is true, such as send an email if a control contains a specific value. You can also build advanced expressions and control how they are evaluated when using multiple conditions. Here is a full overview:


The IF function allows you to evaluate a condition and then do one thing if the condition is true, or a different thing if the condition is false. Commonly referred to as If-Then-Else, your logic inside an expression can be simple to complex, and the result represents whether or not the condition is true. Review full context here:


How To: Configure a simple or complex If-Then-Else expression using the IF Function:


Expression , Function , Advance logical condition in k2 5 workflow: