K2 5.2 Workflow pdf is dark

  • 16 April 2019
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 The PDF file generated by K2 workflow is too dark. Does anyone know how to make it normal? I have attached the sample pdf.





4 replies

Hello  @B_Abdu


This link might be useful to you:





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How is the PDF Converter service instance currently configured? If warmUpPDFCall is set to "False", perhaps try changing it to "True" and see if it helps? 

I found the problem. There were an necessary message window which asks create PDF at the end of the worflow . when I disable the message PDF looks normal.


Thank you

When generating PDF's using the PDF Control, it will render what is seen on the screen at that point of the call,

and the render is very similar to a screen shot or taking photo with a camera.

If there is a dialog open, and the parent Form or View is greyed out slightly, that is what will show on the PDF.
If a SubForm or SubView is closing and the grey overlay is not yet removed at the time of the PDF generation,

Again that will show on the PDF.

Either use PDF URL generation  or  generate the PDF on the parent form after the the SubForm or SubView has completely closed to get around that issue