K2 5.3 Legacy Workflow support for SharePoint online

  • 1 May 2020
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We are  using  K2 5.3 on premise with SharePoint 2016 on premise.  K2 5.3 enviroment is an upgrade from K2 blackperal 4.7.  We have not converted the workflows to new K2 Five workflow yet.  All workflows are using the legacy worklfow engine. 


I have not looked into the documentation in details but my question is,  would legacy workflow support SharePoint online or do I have to convert all existing workflow to new workflow  for using SharePoint online. 


Appriecate any input. 




2 replies

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Your workflows are stored in your K2 environment, not on SharePoint. When you attempt to trigger your workflow from SharePoint, the request to start the workflow is then sent to your K2 environment. You should still be able to run legacy workflows from your SharePoint. But I will still recommend testing this out properly before you decide to commit to it and go live.


Hello  @tariqislam ,


After  your upgrade: There is a new K2 for SharePoint App called K2 Five for SharePoint that is added to the app catalog. To update the existing app, browse to the Site Contents page of the App Catalog, and click the upgrade link for K2 for SharePoint app. If you do not see the link, go into the Details page for the app to upgrade it. Then run the Registration Wizard to see the new app on the Site Contents page as shown below for full overview:

Please kindly refer to this document;


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