K2 SAP - Workflow - Pass a GetList method to a BAPI Table

  • 1 April 2020
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I've created a BAPI that contains a table as Input that needs to be sent to SAP

I've defined a smartobject in K2 as GetList with same structure of the above BAPI input table.

In the workflow definition, I want to pass the refernced smartobject of the GetList to the SmartObject method created with K2 SAP Connector that has the table as Input.

When try to do it, it's like K2 sends all the rows of tbles concatenated at column level.

Can anybody help on this subject?

Is there an easy way to pass this getlist smartobject and map correctly in the BAPI method?

Your help would be really appreciated.



1 reply

Hi GaeMax,


If you need to send all rows from your SMO, you need to change input type property in Visual Studio (K2 connect) as XML type.


Then you have to create XML with array serialized method or use stored procedure to manual generate for XML and send to K2 BAPI SmartObject which created from Visual Studio


You can find K2 Connect reference at :


Hope this help,