K2 Workflow Task Assignment multiple departments

  • 31 August 2020
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Hello Community,


I have a requirement to assign tasks to multiple departments (~10) and multiple users that are assigned to those departments.  I can create a loop and fire off a sub-workflow, however there is a secondary requirement for all of those departments to finish their tasks before the WF progresses.  


Does anyone have any ideas around this?  The only short term solution is to split, create the multiple tasks then merge.



3 replies

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I think this scenario is exactly what the Split and Merge was designed for - why are you considering this the short term solution? What is the weakness of the approach?

10 different departments...the workflow design canvas is all over the place. 


It feels like this could be a loop.  I'm just trying to expand on the concept and possibly not have to much stuff to administer.



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So you do a split, then there are 10 tasks and they all merge? Or is each of those 10 departments made up of different tasks? I suppose you could leverage IPCs such that you put a subset of departments in each one, so the main workflow doesn't have ten branches but I think if there are ten tasks it would be hard to hide that fact.