K2SmartActions -Actioned but user receives email - K2 server was unable to action the workflow task

  • 12 April 2020
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Secenario: Tasks were assigned to multiple users via multiple sub workflows.

Some users were able to successfully action the task via email.


But one of the users received the error below. But his task is shown 'completed' at the same time.


The full error from the K2 server is 'Could not find file 'C:Program Files (x86)K2Host ServerBinTemplatesMessagesSmartActions.ActionExecuted.txt'.'.


Reference task actioned reply email message attached.

Any idea why it failed in this case?



3 replies

Hello anitajoseph


I would recommend that you firstly try installing latest FixPack.

Alternatively try advises in the following post.

“K2 Five SmartAction Reply (approve or reject ) action not working”:




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The error message is pretty self-explanatory.


'Could not find file 'C:Program Files (x86)K2Host ServerBinTemplatesMessagesSmartActions.ActionExecuted.txt'.'.


Replies sent by K2 for SmartActions are all stored in a template. So the error message above simply mean the template is missing. Check the path mentioned in the error message and see if the SmartActions.ActionExecuted.txt file is located in there. If not, just copy it from another environment.


Hi there, But in that case everyone should receive that message when actioning the task.


Why is it that only a specific user receives this message and again, though he receives this message, his task gets completed successfully on the system? It works properly with many other users.