Modify previous version of workflow

  • 12 May 2020
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i have designed a workflow using K2 designer

there have been many versions created.

how do i edit a previous version that was deployed?


when i used K2 studio to do workflow, i can always download an earlier version of workflow and edit in K2 studio


how is this possible using K2 Designer?

3 replies

Hello  @braddo ,


Please review the following threads:

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Hi  @braddo ,


To do so, navigate to your workflow in K2 Management and set the version of the worklow you want to edit as the default. Then, go to K2 Designer and delete the last edited version of the workflow. This will load the default version of the workflow. Now, you can edit this older version and deploy your changes as a new version to the server.


Please see detailed steps in the following documentation:





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Hi braddo


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