New Workflow designer - How to?

  • 21 August 2020
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Starting to dabble more with the new K2 Workflow designer, can anyone advise how to do this:


Send a Task email to an AD Group, but only those users within that AD group that match the Department of the user submitting the form?


The receiving group should get a link to open the form and add comments and approve it with a click button on the form, so i don't want them to approve the request by replying to the email with "Approve" or using the awful worklist.


I am used to using the legacy designer for this using destination sets and doing a smartobject lookup using the dept as a match, but the new workflow designer is a mess to work out.


Any ideas?

2 replies

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Hi Sharpharp1,


If you don't want to send a 'Client event' mail to customer (with possiblity to reply as SmartAction like answer 'Approved'), the solution is to create your own mail event.


To send task to the group member of the current user, you can use the UMGroup and UMUser standard smartObject from category "SystemManagementUserManagementSmartObjects".


Best regards,

Olivier Chatagnon

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Hi Olivier,

I found one part of the issue, when picking the AD group, it won't resolve the AD group to Group, i had to change it to User....