New Workflow Designer - TASK URL not working the same way as K2 Studio, why?

  • 28 August 2020
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In the now legacy K2 studio, i can do a client event, construct a Task URL and then refer to it in the body of the Text using a Hyperlink using a display name and the Task URL


In the new Workflow designer, on the second tab you can enter a URL - so i construct the same URL.

My URL is Server name, form name, state, formid and Serial Number


In the body of the email, i use the same hyperlink function, add a display name, then in URL refer to Task-Worklist item link

However, when a form is submitted, the receipient email with the hyperlink comes up as :

Server name, form name, sn


Why isn't the state or formid appearing?


It worked exactly like this in Legacy k2 studio, but not in the new workflow designer.


Any ideas?

2 replies

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Are you using Form Type "Custom"?

What version is your K2 Five?

Can you attach screenshot of how your Task tab is set up?

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Yes im using Custom form type

On k2 5.3


I construct the URL using address+parameters and SN


I then refer to it is the message body Worklist URL - but no paramters when email is received, but address+SN only