Start multiple workflow instances by going through list entries

  • 27 March 2020
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I have a workflow which creates, updates list items, and goes through approval process. Once every week I need  to schedule another workflow which checks the list items. For every entry to the list, if "Approved" column is 'Yes' & 'Expiration Date' is less than or equal to 30 days from today, there is a need to trigger the previously mentioned 'another' workflow. For example, If there are 50 such entries to the list, then I need 50 workflow instances.

Any help is appreciated.




2 replies

Hello  @KaushikBukka ,


Please kindly review the following threads:


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I hope this helps

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 Hi there  @KaushikBukka 


If you are using sharepoint you can also do the following


  • On the Create K2 Application page, select the check box next to the Workflow element

  • A section will appear where you need to provide some settings for the workflow

Specify how the workflow gets started

  • Under "when the following events occur" check the box for "An item was added"

I think this should help you with the workflow instances. You can have a look at the link below for reference


Creating a workflow from a sharepoint list or library


Hope this helps!