Start Workflow with multiple selections from an editable list view

  • 24 June 2020
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Hi guys,

I have an editable list view and want to start a workflow with multiple selections from the editable list view.  Each selected row will have its own workflow.

Have you done this and if so, could you please share your step by step solution.

3 replies

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Hi  @tiffanyblue12 


I tried it on my side and the following steps should help you achieve your goal.


  1. Add a Button to start the workflows.

  2. add the rule when a Button is clicked.

    • In this rule add the condition :For each item in a List View and add the state as selected.

    • Then add transfer data action so that you can see this rule in the workflow.

  3. Then create the workflow you want to start and let it start when the Button in your list view is clicked, when you are done making your workflow deploy it, then ckeck in your forms and views

  4. Run your form and use "Ctrl" to multi-select then click the button you added at step 1.

Please have a look at the attachment of the rule.(attach.png)


This should successfully start your workflow x number of times.




This works!  Thank you so much  @HulisaniN

The customer wants to do the check mark for multi-select.  So I can configure this using check mark picture.  But how can I make it work if the user doesn't hold down the ctrl + multi-select?