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  • 11 October 2020
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First part:

We have a bit pickle implementing email notfication to WF tasks, Out Of Box email notification template is stored in Bin folder SourceCode.EventBus.ClientRecorder.dll.mailTemplate. We are able to edit this template to change language etc, but we want to add additional workflow fields like start date, instruction, folio, name of user task etc, or even change tha subject from “New Task”.

I did some decompiling in  SourceCode.EventBus.ClientRecorder.dll but there are only 3 fields: [UrlWithSN], [SmartActionText], [Footer]. 

Is there any solution to add more WF fields to this template?

I know that we can manually edit each user task but with 200+ user tasks(20+ WFs) it’s too much.


Second part:

If there is no solution to first.

We have custom ShP list with definition of Emails template for Wfs(reminders to some user tasks etc.), We added new template for task notification a used it like this:

Problem with this that we have to edit each user task. It would be easier to only load Email Template property from our custom ShP list, Is there any solution to prepare Email Template property in a way that will contain all needed properties?(html etc).

We can pass to this property html content and it works great but we want to add there WF fields and not edit every user task. It is really time consuming and easy to make a mistake.


Thanks for any answers. 

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