workflow process while Upgrading K2 4.7 workflow to K2 Five workflow

  • 16 May 2020
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I'm new to K2  and have the following questions. 

I am installing a clean version of K2 (5.3) in a new hardware and have workflow designed on existing K2 4.7.

The workflow in 4.7 would be rebuilt using the new 5.3 designer for the new hardware.

However, my questions is for my workflow instance which is currently in progress on my old system, what is the process to move it over to the new version?

And is there a way to restart the new workflow at where it left off before in the older version? if it is able to do so, what do i need to do/look out for to do this? 

1 reply

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Hi there

I dont think it's possible to do what you want.

If you are rebuilding the process from scratch in the new Designer, it is deployed as a brand new workflow with a new Id. But You can still edit your 4.7 based workflows in the legacy designers and all existing instances will continue to run just fine after upgrading to 5.3.

You can have a look on the following KB. Please have a look on designing workflow FAQ's

I hope this is helpful!